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Michele Papenheim Out of SalonThis year is a mile­stone year for a loved one and I am head­ing out on vaca­tion to celebrate!

I will be out of the salon Sun­day, March 23 through Tues­day, April 1. Cole Street Salon is still open, but I will not be in.  If you are on a sched­ule for your eye­brows and/or eye­lashes (and even for when you need makeup replen­ished), check your cal­en­dar now and adjust your appoint­ment sched­ul­ing accord­ingly, please!

I will be tak­ing orders for makeup late this month and the very first week of March so that things are in prior to the 21st, which will be your last day to pick up makeup before April 2.  Sat­ur­day the 22nd looks to be a super busy day, so please try to plan around it so that I can pro­vide the best pos­si­ble ser­vice for you.

As you know, I am part of an amaz­ing salon, but when it comes to what I do, it is just me.  I know that this can be frus­trat­ing when you need some­thing, which is why I make every pos­si­ble effort here, on Face­book, on Twit­ter, and via email to let you know when things are hap­pen­ing so that you can plan for them in advance.

So, if you need makeup, call me and let’s get it ordered!  If you have some­thing ordered and it is in, come get it! If you need some­thing on the fly, stop by Wednes­day — Sat­ur­day to pick it up (call first to be sure I am in and not out at an onsite appoint­ment)!  If you need a trial, a les­son, or your lashes or eye­brows done, get in before I leave!

Call now to sched­ule your appoint­ment around these dates: 248.645.2653


Here are some Spring 2014 Makeup trends to look for­ward to (and to begin incor­po­rat­ing now)!

Spring 2014 Party Girl Look

  • Watch for bolder, sex­ier colors.
  • Healthy, glow­ing skin (is that ever out of style?)
  • Berry col­ored hues (pretty on almost everyone!)
  • Orange lips (yes, orange.  Watch your skin tone here, though)
  • Blue eye shad­ows (we saw this last spring and now the col­ors are even more bold)
  • Green eye shad­ows (again, from 2013, but brighter and more profound)
  • Cat eyes (yep! get out your black liq­uid liner)
  • White eye shad­ows with dark liner (an ethe­real look)
  • Gilded, shim­mer­ing metal­lic eyelids

These bolder looks (orange lips, and blue eye shad­ows) can be hard for some new makeup users to mas­ter with­out look­ing gar­ish and Tami Faye-Baker-esque.  If you have a tween or young teen in your life that has been exper­i­ment­ing with makeup, I want to rec­om­mend one of my makeup lessons (I can help her use these new Spring col­ors in a way that allows her nat­ural beauty to shine through).

And, if you want to get her off on the right foot of using healthy make up and not dime-store garbage filled with bad-for-her-chemicals… talk to me about order­ing one of jane iredale’s NEW Starter Kits. This kit intro­duces you to the foun­da­tion of the healthy jane iredale makeup line.



Dis­cover the dif­fer­ence with these jane iredaleessen­tials for amaz­ing skin, bun­dled in a chic travel-size cos­metic case with extra-large mirror.

  • Healthy, radi­ant skin is eas­ier than you think! Reveal yours with these sim­ple steps.
  • Smooth Affair is a luminiz­ing primer thatnour­ishes and pre­pares your skin: itbright­ens and mois­tur­izes while makeup goes on more eas­ily and lasts longer.
  • Multi-tasking Amaz­ing Base and Pure­Pressed Base, which have earned The Skin Can­cer Foundation’s Seal of Rec­om­men­da­tion, each pro­vide four impor­tant func­tions in one: foun­da­tion, con­cealer, sun­screen and active skin care ben­e­fits.
  • POMMISST hydrates, con­di­tions and pro­tects your skin. Use it to set your base and plump the skin.
  • Avail­able in five shades: Light (Warm Silk), Medium Light (Warm Sienna), Medium (Golden Glow), Medium Dark (Latte), Dark (But­ter­nut) to suit a wide range of skin tones.

Prod­uct sizes:
Pure­Pressed Base: Net Wt. 2.8 g/.1 oz
Amaz­ing Base: Net Wt. 1.7 g/.06 oz
Smooth Affair: Net Wt. 7 ml/.24 fl oz
POMMISST: Net Wt. 15 ml/.5 fl oz


Winter Savings on Lipsticks and Brushes!

January 24, 2014

Come in now through Feb­ru­ary 28 and choose from two amaz­ing coupons for sav­ings on in-stock mer­chan­dise. Get a free lip­stick with a $100 in stock makeup pur­chase or choose 15% off and replace your old, worn-out makeup brushes.  

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How Are Your Winter Lips?

January 20, 2014

It’s time to treat your lips to some TLC. Drink lots of water and keep hydrated. Pro­tect lips from wind and cold, and treat them to some sugar and but­ter. Mmm­mmm! Sugar & But­ter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper Soft, beau­ti­ful and oh-so-kissable lips are yours with our lip exfoliator/plumper duo. The Look reju­ve­nated The Feel smooth and moist To […]

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It’s Bitterly Cold! Take Care of Your Skin

January 6, 2014

Bit­ter cold get­ting to your skin?  Cover up, keep warm, pro­tect your­self, and stay hydrated!  Each of these things will help you keep from dry­ing out and crack­ing, espe­cially around the lips.  Pro­tect those lips, too!  Lip Drink by Jane Iredale can help!  It con­tains no petroleum-derived prod­ucts that dry out the lips. Peo­ple who […]

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Thank you for an amazing 2013!

December 30, 2013

As this year comes to an end, I want to thank each and every­one of you for a won­der­ful 2013! I am blessed to work with amaz­ing clients and help them pre­pare for some of their most impor­tant life events. It is my mis­sion to pro­vide the most ben­e­fi­cial makeup for nour­ish­ing the skin and enhanc­ing one’s […]

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Television Makeup Application

December 16, 2013

Michele recently did makeup for a client’s appear­ance on the Dr. Nandi Show. “As a physi­cian, I am a believer that the mind and body are con­nected and true heal­ing requires treat­ment of both.   As a national speaker, I was able to teach patients and physi­cians how to achieve the goal to excel­lent health care.  […]

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Make Up Lessons!

December 2, 2013

These twins came in and had a teen mini make up les­son and we had so much fun! Everyone’s first makeup expe­ri­ence should be in healthy, age appro­pri­ate makeup.  Don’t let the young women in your life raid CVS for toxic makeup and over-do it them­selves… sched­ule a mini-makeup les­son for them and I will show […]

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Customize Your Lips!

November 25, 2013

Need some help with your Pure Moist Lip Color and your nail color? I have it for you right here!   And, here’s more lip shades to choose from!  

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Holiday Parties

November 18, 2013

The hol­i­days are approach­ing!  Sched­ule your appoint­ment now for your upcom­ing hol­i­day events… and don’t for­get the women on your gift list who might like to pam­per their shin with some healthy treats this hol­i­day sea­son! Hol­i­day Col­lec­tion  Effort­less to give and a thrill to receive, fill your hol­i­day sea­son with fun & glam­our! Treat […]

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